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Twelve BYU-Hawaii students interview in Boston for Japanese Jobs

June 2012

“BYU-Hawaii and the Yamagata Foundation funds I received helped me find a job at the Boston Career Forum,” says Sanshiro Nagano, a senior from Japan. “Once I arrived in Boston, my mind was focused and my goals were clear. I had confidence I could com pete with the world’s best.”

And compete he did! Sanshiro received two job offers - one from Goldman Sachs and another from Icon Partners in Hong Kong. He took the latter, where he will be trained as a consultant to provide research-driven recruitment for key job opportunities.


Along with 11 other students from BYU-Hawaii, Sanshiro visted Boston to attend the world’s largest Japanese-English job fair last November. Each year the event provides a unique opportunity for stu dents to talk to companies in many different fields. Over 170 com panies were present, each seeking bilingual students to work in Japan, elsewhere in Asia, and in the United States.

“The preparation offered by Career Services and my participation in the Japanese Club at BYU-Hawaii helped me learn what was expected of me,” says Sanshiro. “As I researched different compa nies, I discovered what I wanted to pursue. I revised my résumé many times, and that gave me an edge in my interviews.” Two other students accepted jobs in New York City. Shinji Naganuma will be an auditor with Deloitte LLP, and Shempei Yamashita will work for KPMG.

Not every student at the career fair, however, received an offer from a global corporation. Five participants have another year of school, but they wanted to get interview experience at the competitively charged forum.

“I applied for sales, marketing, and management positions,” says Joshua Christie, a junior at BYU-Hawaii. “I discovered how my cur rent skills and knowledge are valued.”

For those graduating this year, the experience was invaluable.


“Without the Boston Career Fair I never would have had the oppor tunity to interview with one of the best accounting firms in the world,” said Shinji. “I appreciate the Yamagata family investment that made this possible. I came to BYU-Hawaii because I wanted to mingle with students from other countries and study in an environment that emphasizes the importance of living gospel standards such as honesty, morality, and integrity.”

“I want the Yamagatas to know that I am someone who never gives up,” says Sanshiro. “The money they gave me is something precious. I sought every opportunity to increase my skills to become a more valu able asset in the business world.”

Sanshiro also decided to give back to the career program in his own way.

“I am now preparing students who will be going to Boston this year,” he says. “It is my way of giving back to the Yamagata Foundation and others for the support I received last year. I want to help others reach their potential.”

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